Fun Things That Most Did As A Kid

As a child, you might have chewed on the straws from your juice boxes. Wengie discusses that this is a fun thing that most people did when they were younger. It gave you something to do after the drink was gone. You probably rolled parts of your bread into a small ball to make it easier to eat. It was also fun instead of making a sandwich.


When you were bored, putting glue on your hands just to let it dry and peel it off was a favorite activity. You probably did this in class sometimes when you weren’t paying attention to the teacher. The white glue in the bottle worked best. When it dried, you could usually peel it off in one piece. After the juice was gone from the box, you might have popped the tabs out from the sides of the box and blew air into the straw to make the box expand. Then, you stepped on the box to flatten it so that you could do it all over again. A fun game was pretending the floor was lava or that there were crocodiles in the water on the floor so that you had to hop around to get across the room.

Troy McQuagge Named CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc.

USHEALTH Group Inc. has a lot to be proud of these days. CEO Troy McQuagge is the recipient of the 2016 One Planet Award for excellence in the health industry. Honors are given in several categories such as marketing, teams, executive and PR. Nomination is submitted from profit, non-profit and private agencies all over the globe.

McQuagge, who has been with USHEALTH for six years, was instrumental in turning the company around within months of taking the helm. His vast experience in the industry is unmatched, and he has found success at every stop.

The company is the largest provider of self-employed health insurance in the U.S. USHEALTH Group’s goal is offer affordable health coverage to match their growing healthcare needs.

After revamping the sister company, USHEALTH Advisors, he was unanimously elected to serve as CEO of USHEALTH Group. Under Troy McQuagge’s tutelage, the company has seen unprecedented growth and profitability.

“This type of peer recognition is a huge honor,” said McQuagge. He also stressed that the honor would not be possible without the hard work of USHEALTH Group Staff. “The company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and affordable products is the key to our success.”

The 55-year-old McQuagge is a Florida native, who earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Before joining Dallas-based USHEALTH Group Inc., McQuagge worked at Mid-West National Life Insurance Company, Allstate Insurance Company and MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company.

McQuagge currently serves on several boards including Cornerstone America and UGA.


The Cure to Lung Diseases

Chronic Lung Diseases make it difficult for individuals to enjoy their day to day lives. Shortness of breath gets in the way of every activity one enjoyed doing previously. However, The Lung Institute with the use of the Stem Cell Therapy has come out with a revolutionary way to tackle lung diseases. These branches of the Lung Institute are in 5 different places namely, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The Lung Institute understands that every individual has their own identity and hence has different ways of dealing with everyone’s disease. In this treatment, the stem cells help in regenerating or start the healing process of the damaged tissues. Lung stem cell therapy mainly comprises of the stem cells being reintroduced in the victim’s body, where they make their way to the lungs and start healing the affected tissues.

Every treatment performed at the Lung Institute is performed with stem cells that are autologous, which means that these cells come from a patient’s body. According to, due to these circumstances, the treatments are deemed to be very safe. The treatments are not intrusive at all and are performed over a course of three days on an outpatient basis.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell maintenance capabilities that are completely natural. Stem cells are withdrawn and separated from a patient’s bone marrow or blood, and then the stem cells are reintroduced into the body. The stem cells then enter into the lungs and rest inside them, which promotes inflammation reduction and natural healing.

Joining hands with the Lung Institute can help the patients of lung diseases to breathe a lot better as well as to live a lot better! To go through the numerous testimonials of our patients, feel free to visit

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