The Career of Author and Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a leading historian of both Civil War era weapons and the samurai era of Japan. Over the course of his career, Michael has learned about the various firearms used during the Civil War era. He has also gathered a lot of knowledge about the culture, lifestyle, philosophy and weapons of the samurai era of Japan. As a result of gathering all of this knowledge, Zomber has appeared on the History Channel to talk about some of this knowledge in more detail. Along with making television appearances, Michael has written a number of novels about these two distinct eras in history. Therefore, he has had a very long and fulfilling career studying and writing about these eras. Along with being an author and historian, Michael has run a film production company as well as being an activist for peace.

One of the most notable things that Michael Zomber has done in his career is make appearances on television stations such as the History Channel. On this station, Michael frequently talks about his knowledge and passion of antique arms from the American Civil War. He often discusses the various guns that were used during the conflict and their significance. Michael provides in depth knowledge of how the guns work, how they function and what battles they were often used in. Zomber also talks about how effective the guns were when used in key battles. His knowledge of antique arms spans over forty years and therefore, Michael is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to weapons form the American Civil War era.

During his career, Michael Zomber has written a number of novels. As a result, he has established a track record of telling some intriguing stories about the Civil War and samurai era of Japan. These novels tell readers about the social and cultural issues that were very significant during the time periods. Zomber’s novels about the Civil War talk about slavery and coping with life after the war. His novels about the Japanese samurai era give readers an in depth perspective about how the samurai lived and the personal challenges they faced on a regular basis. The novels also talk about how some religions relate to the philosophy of the samurai as well.