The Career of Author and Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a leading historian of both Civil War era weapons and the samurai era of Japan. Over the course of his career, Michael has learned about the various firearms used during the Civil War era. He has also gathered a lot of knowledge about the culture, lifestyle, philosophy and weapons of the samurai era of Japan. As a result of gathering all of this knowledge, Zomber has appeared on the History Channel to talk about some of this knowledge in more detail. Along with making television appearances, Michael has written a number of novels about these two distinct eras in history. Therefore, he has had a very long and fulfilling career studying and writing about these eras. Along with being an author and historian, Michael has run a film production company as well as being an activist for peace.

One of the most notable things that Michael Zomber has done in his career is make appearances on television stations such as the History Channel. On this station, Michael frequently talks about his knowledge and passion of antique arms from the American Civil War. He often discusses the various guns that were used during the conflict and their significance. Michael provides in depth knowledge of how the guns work, how they function and what battles they were often used in. Zomber also talks about how effective the guns were when used in key battles. His knowledge of antique arms spans over forty years and therefore, Michael is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to weapons form the American Civil War era.

During his career, Michael Zomber has written a number of novels. As a result, he has established a track record of telling some intriguing stories about the Civil War and samurai era of Japan. These novels tell readers about the social and cultural issues that were very significant during the time periods. Zomber’s novels about the Civil War talk about slavery and coping with life after the war. His novels about the Japanese samurai era give readers an in depth perspective about how the samurai lived and the personal challenges they faced on a regular basis. The novels also talk about how some religions relate to the philosophy of the samurai as well.

Politics And Charity Combine In The Work Of Dick DeVos

A recent interview I read with education reformer Betsy DeVos in the PhilanthropyRoundtable publication provided me with an insight into the work this well known education reformer undertakes with her husband, Dick DeVos. The name Dick DeVos is well known to those of us who follow closely the work of the AmWay Group, but also those of us who are concerned about the level and standard of education our children are receiving in the 21st century. The DeVos family has always been well known for playing an important part in the philanthropic community in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, but through the work Dick and Betsy have undertaken for education their role has now become a national one; Betsy DeVos explained the role the couple have taken on in education reform has been in place for over 30 years and dates back to a visit to Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan. Dick DeVos has gone so far as to become elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan despite his busy career and family life, which has allowed the couple a glimpse into the inner workings of education departments and how difficult life can be for these professional educators.

Success for Dick DeVos is no longer simply measured in terms of profit margins, but I believe is now measured in the positive effects he and wife Betsy have on the public around them. Dick DeVos has always looked to aid the people of the Grand Rapids, Michigan region through his work with programs such as the regional Air Alliance of West Michigan;Wikipedia reports Dick DeVos headed this air based program in a bid to make sure local residents had access to air travel options when many airlines severed their links with the Grand Rapids region. The interest in air travel and the possibilities it opens up for young people obviously played a part in the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which I believe highlights the work Dick and Betsy DeVos have completed in changing the way education is explored and delivered in the U.S.

The Makings of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is most famous or his use of design and technology to solve and communicate problems. With a unique set of consumer friendly skills, the innovator has made waves with the things he has conquered. By taking practical and relatable steps toward solid solutions, Pulier has made real change.

Starbright World is at the top of Eric Pulier’s philanthropic achievements. By combining a sensory experience with an interactive experience, his designs presented parents, doctors, and children of illness with a new medium of communication that they would never otherwise have had. This project included many moving parts and many talented artists. It linked over 75 centers for treatment with the help of dedicated investors.

The project itself reached completion but inspired Pulier to continue his help with children. The continuation was entitled Starlight Diabetes. In his previous work, he was able to find way to relate with children through technology and education. By creating learning opportunities through characters and cartoons, Pulier designed a fun curriculum surrounding juvenile diabetes.

This hands on and educational solution was the perfect mix of design and communication. The game takes children through their own bodies to help them understand how they can live healthier. It also helps them understand the feelings and fluctuations that come with juvenile diabetes that might otherwise be difficult to communicate.

The philanthropic work seems to be closest to his heart and the experience and expertise in these fields is generously offered to his charity endeavors. As seen in his publications in these areas, Eric Pulier is an authority. Understanding Enterprise SOA is a co-written publication with Hugh Taylor. This provides an insider look into all technology and it’s relationship to a variety of industries.

The Enterprise Industrial Complex provides similar insight with a bit of a historical twist. The parallels draw by Pulier connect the current state of industry with that of the Cold War. If you do not quite see the connection, wait until you read it. The insightful patterns and what we can learn from them take on a whole new meaning for business ventures everywhere.

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Why Businesses Need To Take Online Reputation Management Seriously

Think of an ordinary ID card. When you look at an individual’s ID card, you can immediately see details about them. Online Reputation Defender functions as the online ID card for people and businesses. It is, therefore, important to manage that first impression that people find when they search for your business online.

According to an article on, companies and individuals that do not manage their online reputations cannot succeed. Online testimonials are important, as 90% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from other people. Businesses are continually reviewed online, and as a result, have no control over the messages being passed concerning them.

How can a business manage its online reputation?

  1. Post bold statements about the business.

The content published on the website, and other social sites should be detailed and relevant. The content should also be striking and confident. The customer needs to feel reassured and confident in their decision to trust this business with their hard-earned money.

  1. Make monitoring social media mentions a priority.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool. It can, however, work against the business especially when negative reviews are posted. Note that most customers visit social media review sites when planning to purchase a product.

  1. Build personal relationships with clients.

Communicating directly with clients makes them feel that the business is genuinely interested in their needs. This can lead to an increase in positive reviews.

  1. Deal with online wounds quickly.

If a business receives a negative review, it is important to deal with it before it festers and escalates. Using review sites to sort out any issues that have been raised is very effective.

  1. Have a solid online reputation management strategy.

The business needs to come up with a plan to deal with all the aspects relating to its online presence. Generating of positive content to post on the company website and blog helps to suppress negative content.

Most businesses need to realize the importance of having a good online reputation. Online reputation management draws people’s attention away from the negative, attracts them to the positive, and leads to increased sales. A business should never ignore what people are saying about it online.


Purchasing from the OSI Group Company

Purchasing good quality food products can sometimes be difficult when you are running a restaurant or other type of business. The reason for this is because a lot of different food products are actually too expensive or are not of the quality that you expect when serving it to your customers. This is why a lot of people have been making the decision to go with the OSI Group in order to get the best quality ingredients for each and every one of their cooking purposes without having to break the bank in order to do so. This is a wonderful option for anyone who might be involved when doing this type of purchasing for the company that will be using the items.

What you will also want to know about the OSI is that they put the time and effort into creating quality products that you can trust. You will also find that their prices are quite reasonable when compared to other types of companies out there, making it incredibly easy for you to make a purchase without it costing you an arm and a leg. There are so many different options out there for you and can be exactly what you are looking for in terms of getting the most out of this for yourself and your family. Lots of business owners are choosing this company because of how much they are able to save when going with them and this is definitely something you will want to consider for yourself.

The OSI Group company is one of the best food distributors out there and has been chosen by thousands upon thousands of different companies that do cooking for a living. You might be a restaurant owner yourself or simply have a facility that deals with cooking and need a better option when it comes to the type and quality of food that you are purchasing. When you make the decision to go with this particular company, you are choosing something that is going to benefit you because of the budget as well as your clients because of the quality of the food that is now being served. This is wonderful for companies that are on a budget and cannot necessarily afford very expensive items because of the fact that it is too expensive for their future budget and what they are actually able to afford at the current moment.

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