23 Layers Creates Memories


Planning that special event doesn’t have to leave you with a headache. The folks at 23 Layers will help to create more than just an event, they create memories. The New York City based event planning company is available to help you with any event you need. Weddings, fundraisers, corporate functions and even children’s birthday parties. If you can imagine it, they can bring it to life.

Don’t worry if you are stuck trying to come up with a theme. 23 Layers has a team of designers and creators waiting to work with you. They will design a theme to fit your unique personality, style and budget. Jessica and Sarah have over 10 years of experience creating tasteful events and work hard to ensure no two events are alike.

When creating any event they pay attention to the smallest detail. For example, Jessica recently designed a farm themed birthday party for her son. The theme can work for either a boy or girl of almost any age, but this event was a first birthday party.

The main table was laid with a red and white checked tablecloth. Faux grass was used as table runner. The centerpiece was a row of baskets with red and white checked cloth holding apples. Wagons with hay bales were placed artfully around the room as both décor and a place for the kids to play.

At each place setting was a copy of the Big Red Barn, which was also the inspiration for the birthday cake. But the biggest attraction was the dessert bar. A table laden with delicious goodies inspired by a day at the farm. The kid’s got to enjoy apple cider, apple cookies on a stick and cake pops that looked like cows and chickens. The table was decorated with baskets of farm fresh goodies like cherries and radishes.

The next time you need to plan a special event, call the folks at 23 Layers. Let the professionals take care of all the designing for you. Then all you have to do is relax and enjoy the party.

White Shark Media: Superior Services & Superior Place to Work

Working for White Shark Media

White Shark Media has not only proven to have extraordinary services, but they have also proven to be an amazing place to work. Various reviews came from their employees expressing how awesome it is to work for White Shark Media. One of their employees said that this company is the best. Read more: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteSharkMedia/

Another employee says that this company is amazing. These and other employees are still working for the company, which speak volumes in itself. Also, other employees have said how great the company is to work for, due to them being people oriented, and due to them having great management.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media launched in 2011, and it has grown significantly with tons of satisfied clients and over 150 employees. They are known to be one of the fastest growing digital companies in North America. Various clients have given great reviews on the company’s site, and on third-party sites, such as Yelp.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of listings of great reviews for this company throughout the search engines. This is due to being the leading digital marketing agency with great results for clients in marketing solutions – get more details: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc.

And as a result, clients have exponential increases in sales. Many of these clients have said that their business has grown in the few hundred percentile range. And not only that, but White Shark Media also consult them on ways to keep the sales coming.

White Shark Media utilizes their gatherings of marketing tools and their online marketing tactics. Their staff is talented, and they are fully bilingual, hence, able to reach North and South America, as the founders have set forth to do. This company tracks all their clients’ efforts in marketing very thoroughly.

They also are very stringent with proprietary software, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics, and call tracking of keywords. And another thing about the success of this company is that they have a combination of domestic and offshore presence.


Not only is White Shark Media a great place to work for, but they are one of the best digital agencies ever.

Various reviews came from their employees expressing how much of a great place White Shark Media is to work for. And with all of their expertise, they will continue to flourish along with their clients.

How Wen Can Change Your Life Now

Chaz Dean has created a line of unique and ground breaking hair products that can replace every hair product in your home. For right now we will focus on his WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner which can clean, hydrate and strengthen any hair type. It is a shampoo and a conditioner without all the harmful ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural oils and beauty. Replacing your old products with Wen Cleansing Conditioner will give you the results you desire, with only one wash your hair will be on its way to picture perfect beauty. Need proof? Well if Chaz Dean’s impressive client list of Hollywood stars isn’t enough for you then why not read stories from real customers like you who tried Wen for themselves.

Young Emily Mcclure took a chance on Wen hair in hopes that it would do as promised and make her thin hair thicker and stronger. Unsurprisingly in under 7 days she went from a skeptic to a believer in the power of Wen. During her first washing after having a busy day dealing with frizzy, oily hair here is what she had to say about Wen “I noticed while I was massaging in the product that my hair felt almost thicker. It seems crazy, but it actually felt like I had more hair.” That’s right ladies and gentlemen, her first experience with Wen and her hair was already feeling thicker, she even goes on to talk about how she didn’t have any hair fall out as she usually would while washing her hair with her regular shampoos. By day 7 she was receiving compliments on her shiny, healthy hair and accrediting Wen to the change.

We all want gorgeous hair but with a busy life style, it can be hard to achieve. That’s why it’s so relieving to hear that all we need to do to have luxurious hair is take a shower. You can visit a hair and sephora beauty store near you to pick up your own bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner or visit the Amazon Website for more information. If you still want to know more about Emily’s experience with Wen you can check out her article at Bustle.

Check out the FAQ page, http://www.wen.com/faq.html!


George Soros wants to head Trump off at the pass by donating to the Libre Foundation

George Soros met with members of the Libre Foundation to discuss how to keep Republican front-runner Donald Trump from winning the presidential race. Leaders of the foundation and the politically involved Democratic billionaire believe that bringing out more Latino voters is the best way to stop Trump’s political juggernaut. The Republican candidate has expressed support for building a wall along the United States-Mexico border and forcing the developing country to pay for the wall’s construction. Mexican immigrants, as well as many other Hispanics oppose this plan. The Libre Foundation plans to use Soros’s $15 million donation to help start a campaign to drive voter turnout.

Hispanics are not the only minority that has been targeted by the Trump campaign. In previous campaign speeches, the former reality television star suggested forcing Muslims to wear special IDs, and he has suggested placing a temporary ban on Islamic immigration. The candidate’s feud with Fox News personality Megan Kelly led many women’s groups to turn against him, although it is not certain that their members are turning towards Clinton.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

As the primary season winds down, Soros believes that Hillary Clinton has the best chance of defeating Trump, even though it is not certain that the former United States Secretary of State will win the popular vote.. He gave several million dollars to the campaign earlier this year hoping he could avert a financial crisis. Soros’s decision to influence this year’s political election is a marked change from the past eight years George Soros decided to remain out of politics after failing to influence the 2004 election. Despite Soros donating millions of dollars on the Kerry campaign, George W. Bush won a second term.

The Libre foundation’s campaign will not start until the primary season ends, which should be later in May. Kasich and Cruz dropped out of the race recently, leaving only Donald Trump remaining. Pundits still believe that the Republican nomination may be contested at the convention this year.

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Will Nicolas Maduro Survive Weak Oil?

The efforts of opponents of to remove President Nicolas Maduro from public office are going nowhere as the oil-rich country struggles. According to Nomura Securities fixed-income strategy head Siobhan Morden, euphoria around the Venezuelan regime has waned. Bond prices have destroyed improvements on low oil profits and fears about drops in oil production as Venezuela’s economy crumbles apart. However for Venezuelan expert Adrian Jose Velasquez in the form of a recall referendum this year or new presidential elections next year give opposition leaders hope. There have been enough signatures signed for a referendum, but judicial delays have stalled it’s progress. The signatures on the referendum must first be validated, but if all 1.85 million signatures can be validated the process of removing Maduro from office can begin. “With an additional 4 million signatures, the opponents of Nicolas Maduro can force him to step down ahead of next year’s elections says” Jose Velasquez.