Italian Fashion Powerhouse Goes Fur Free as More Designers Urged to Follow Suit

Giorgio Armani announced on March, 2016, that the Armani Fashion Group will stop using fur in all of its designs and products. The announcement was made following an agreement reached with both the Fur Free Alliance and the US Humane Society. In the announcement, Armani said that his company will no longer produce, design, sell or feature fur products starting with its 2016 fall collection.

Designers Caving in to Anti-Fur Protests

In his statement, Armani said that the group has agreed to halt and desist from using fur and fur products in all their future collections. This comes after years of pressure and lobbying from the Fur Free Alliance and other animal rights groups. The Fur Free Alliance has incorporated over 40 organizations that fight to protect animals and are situated in about 28 countries.

In recent years, there has been numerous anti-fur protests from these organizations. Designers like Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have all agreed to discontinue using animal fur and have instead begun adopting faux fur that is artificially made. Fashion designers and companies that have agreed to go fur-free have been widely praised for their stand against animal cruelty.

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