Yeonmi Park’s Amazing Tale Of Defection: Fact or Fiction?

The story of Yeonmi Park is a tragic one. In her own words she has stated that growing up that she “didn’t know what freedom was” in her released novel “In Order to Live:A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”
Park’s coming to terms with the nature of freedom began with her walking out of North Korea in late March of 2007. She came to China having never known what freedom was at the young age of thirteen. It took her several years and several continents to finally get back to South Korea, the nation where she wanted to be.

As amazing as the story of her life is, it also has many of those that have read it questioning it’s authenticity.

North Korea’s capitol city Pyongyang has created a video as reported by NK News, that attempts to present the life of Parks as she mentions it as consisting entirely of falsehoods. The video they created chooses to turn Parks into a coward that is a tool of the United States. Although it may be easy to discredit North Korea’s attempts to discredit Park, others have also cast aspersions on the trustworthiness of her tale, some labeling her as a “celebrity defector”

Yeonmi still stands by her story one hundred percent and believes that the nation of North Korea is scared of her because she knows how horrifying the inside of the nation can be. She believes that North Korea has a vested interest in labeling her life as a falsehood because it casts their government in a negative light.

This story is one that is heavily politicized as there are countless North Korean refugees that depend on the truthfulness of Parks’ tale to validate their own struggles. If the facts are proven to be untrue at all it would manage to cast aspersions on the horrific human rights abuses that they have suffered during their existence.

For more on this story, you can read’s fantastic comprehensive write up on the controversies surrounding the Yeonmi Parks saga

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Michael Zomber’s Passion For Arms and Peace

If have a question about antique arms or Japanese samurai swords, Michael Zomber is your man. Internationally recognized as an expert, a collector and a dealer, Zomber has 40 years of experience and a passion for passing on his extensive knowledge. He has appeared on the History Channel shows many times as an expert on arms.

Soul of the Samurai, directed by Michael Zomber, is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in samurai history and traditions. The film is produced by Renascent Films, which was started by Zomber and his wife Andrea. Samurai enthusiasts will also enjoy Zomber’s novels titled Shogun Iemitsu: War And Romance In 17th Century Tokugawa Japan and Jesus and the Samurai. As a filmmaker and an author, Michael Zomber is an amazing storyteller while remaining historically accurate.

Surprisingly, for someone whose life’s work revolves around arms, Zomber avidly supports charities that promote peaceful means to resolve conflicts. His support of the Randolph Bourne Institute, a nonpartisan organization devoted to giving anti-war activists a voice, is commendable, as is Zomber’s support of Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders.

Facebook shows Zomber lives with his wife and two children outside of Philadelphia. He spent time in prison for a crime he did not commit. Exonerated at last, Zomber went on with his life.  Visit his official website for Michael’s full story.

Talk Fusion: Video Marketing solutions for all businesses

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Thor Halvorssen Gives his Opinion of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has lit a fire in America’s youth. This democratic candidate has offered new ideas that have not been accepted in the public sphere for years. Millions of students are banding around this candidate with the goal of making the United States a more socialist country. The word socialist is extremely controversial in the United States, and many Americans are looking for insight into the definition of socialism. Media outlets are reaching out to people with personal experience with socialism. One of the leading experts on socialism in the United States is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is from Venezuela and he currently serves as head of the Human Rights Foundation.

Fox News invited Thor Halvorssen to their set to discuss Bernie Sanders. The interviewer was under the impression that Thor believed that socialism itself was a violation of basic human rights. Thor quickly recovered from this misunderstanding. He stated that many governments are able to offer social programs and keep the government from fully controlling people’s lives. He included classic examples like Denmark and Norway as country’s that have a democratic government and include socialist programs. Thor then pivoted and discussed governments that utilize the promise of socialism to control the country and it’s resources. Many South American countries feature dictatorships that offer some socialist programs, but also have brutal regimes that offer no freedoms. He then stated that he is giving Bernie Sanders a maximum contribution and has voted for Sanders. He believes that Sanders is much better than a corrupt Democratic frontrunner and a Republican frontrunner that believes that Putin is a friendly character.

Thor is from Venezuela and his family is very familiar with the dangers of socialism. Venezuela once had excellent democratic socialist governments, but in recent years, it has been taken over by despots who are bankrupting the country. Everyone in Thor’s family has experienced a Venezuelan jail cell because of the authoritarian government.

Thor works tirelessly to protect human rights and he strongly feels that the United States should avoid authoritarian regimes. Unfortunately, this election cycle is drawing people towards authoritarian figures who well devastate human rights. Hopefully, Thor can keep working to prevent Human Rights violations.

Italian Fashion Powerhouse Goes Fur Free as More Designers Urged to Follow Suit

Giorgio Armani announced on March, 2016, that the Armani Fashion Group will stop using fur in all of its designs and products. The announcement was made following an agreement reached with both the Fur Free Alliance and the US Humane Society. In the announcement, Armani said that his company will no longer produce, design, sell or feature fur products starting with its 2016 fall collection.

Designers Caving in to Anti-Fur Protests

In his statement, Armani said that the group has agreed to halt and desist from using fur and fur products in all their future collections. This comes after years of pressure and lobbying from the Fur Free Alliance and other animal rights groups. The Fur Free Alliance has incorporated over 40 organizations that fight to protect animals and are situated in about 28 countries.

In recent years, there has been numerous anti-fur protests from these organizations. Designers like Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have all agreed to discontinue using animal fur and have instead begun adopting faux fur that is artificially made. Fashion designers and companies that have agreed to go fur-free have been widely praised for their stand against animal cruelty.

About JustFab

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Yeonmi Park Strikes Blow to North Korean Propaganda

North Korea is the kind of country once dreamed about in fiction by authors predisposed toward dystopian novels. For the residents of North Korea, the citizens stuck there, their life has been anything but fiction. Being born in North Korea typically means a life of borderline indentured servitude to a ruling class that does anything but respect, love, or cherish its citizens. Yeonmi Park, once just a teenage girl living in the oppressive country, stands tall and above the country that would have once tried to hold Yeonmi Park, down as reported by Yeonmi Park is a refugee from North Korea who, by sheer will alone, managed to escape the oppressive country by a road difficult than most people could fathom.

Yeonmi Park, author of Amazon released book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, has recounted her tale numerous times since being discovered at the One World Summit so long ago. With porcelain skin and eyes the size of saucers it is almost impossible to believe that she has survived the terrors that she recounts through halting English and with a soft, timid voice. But rest assured, it’s true. If you had any doubt as to the veracity of her statements you need look no further than how strong North Korean’s propaganda arm has come out against Park.

Pyongyang has been heavily involved in the vilification of Yeonmi Park through various forms of propaganda hit pieces. Yeonmi is currently labeled as “The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” and she is accused of being the face of Western propaganda against North Korea. Pyongyang has since called Yeonmi Park a ‘celebrity defector’ and they’ve released numerous melodramatic videos on NK News with the sole intention of playing down her story or calling her an outright liar. These aren’t the actions of an innocent country.

That isn’t to say that Yeonmi Park hasn’t admitted to manipulating her story — accidentally. Park initially hid some of her story’s details out of the shame that it brought her and her family, something common from those who have been deeply abused. A full expose of her story can be read in her newest book.